2011-09-07: Content Extractor v2.26 released
- Nokia: contact extraction from fullflash Symbian S60 (like E52) released

2011-09-06: Content Extractor v2.25 released
- Nokia: extract contacts from FullFlash (Symbian, like N8)
- Samsung: contact extraction from tfs improved
- Samsung: support contact extraction for new Agere models (like C3010, C3050, C3110)
- Samsung: list of supported models updated

2011-05-14: Information for resellers: online software addon activation system (based on Infinity-Credits) launched
Software addon activation instruction

2011-01-05: Content Extractor v2.30 released
- Nokia: Added extraction Gallery(Foto , Video) from FullFlash New Nokia S40 phones (like 6700,X3-02,C3-00)

2010-05-07: Nokia DCT4+ Tool full released
- Unlock All lock for DCT4+ phones (need internet connections)
- Relock DCT4+ phone on any Network (need internet connections) world first
- Read/Write/Clear UserLock
- Read phone info
- Change phone mode (manual)
- Read/Write PM (full or region)
- Make any Factory setting
- Extract PhoneBook from PM for any Nokia phone (without smartphone)
- Easy to use
- Need only COM-port, no need any boxes

2010-04-27: DCT4+ unlock solution released
- DCT4+ unlock solution (server based) released
- It is free addon for all Content-Extractor users
- It is unlimited solution (no need to use any credits etc.)
- Content-Extractor dongle should be connected to PC to use this software
- Internet connection should be active during unlock process
- Download DCT4PlusUnlock.rar from support area from /software folder

2010-04-16: Content Extractor v2.16 released
- LG: C1400 supported
- Tool: for unpack SonyEricsson Suite backup (*.dbk) supported
- SonyEricsson: fixed bug for SeTool format gdfs

2010-03-29: Content Extractor v2.15 released
- Samsung: contacts from tfs - improved, support for new model adeded
- Samsung: updated list of supported models
- SonyEricsson: adeded support for ODM Neptune (like F305)

2010-03-22: Content Extractor v2.14 released
- LG: adeded support for KF240
- Manager: adeded support for Nokia DCT4 phones (upload/download contacts)

2010-03-18: Content Extractor v2.13 released
- Samsung: updated list of supported models
- Manager: adeded export to OpenOffice

2010-03-01: Content Extractor v2.12 released
- SonyEricsson: extract phonebook from Cruiser gdfs backup file (*.gdfs) supported

2010-02-18: Content Extractor v2.11 released
- Nokia: extract phonebook from MX-key backup file (*.back) supported

2010-02-14: Content Extractor v2.10 released
.LG: adeded support for GB130,KP110,B2250
.Samsung: updated list of supported models
.Manager: adeded select path for export
.Tool: adeded convertor *.bif > *.bin

2010-01-11: Content Extractor v 2.00 released
- New look of the program
- Extractor and Manager ADD in one integer
- In Manager is added support telephone Nokia S40

2009-11-11: Content Extractor v1.99 released
- Nokia: adeded support of read phonebook use USB interface
- Samsung: updated list of supported models

2009-10-25: Content Extractor v1.98 released
- SonyEricsson: improved operations for dump gdfs scan
- Other: adeded support for Alcatel C701 & S520
- Samsung: updated list of supported models

2009-10-20: Content Extractor v1.97 released
- Motorola: added support for another variant of contacts format on the platform of P2K (like V9)
- Samsung: choice of methods of extracting contacts made by phone model

2009-09-26: Content Extractor v1.96 released
- Motorola: improved operations with P2K var2 of store contacts (like K1,Z3)

2009-09-25: Content Extractor v1.95 released
- Nokia: added extraction of calendar events from PM

2009-09-18: Content Extractor v1.94 released
- Other: added support for Voxtel RX-100 phone
- LG: fixed bug in KG270 contacts format
- Samsung: updated list of supported models

2009-08-28: Content Extractor v1.93 released
- Nokia: improved operations with some variant of store contacts
- Samsung: updated list of supported models

2009-08-18: Content Extractor v1.92 released
- LG: added support for old LG 3G (tested on U8330)
- SonyEricsson: added support for XS++ gdfs file format

2009-08-10: Content Extractor v1.91 released
- LG: added support for another variant of contacts format (tested on KG320)

2009-08-03: Content Extractor v1.90 released

2009-07-24: Content Extractor v1.89 released
- Samsung: added support for another variant of contacts format on the platform of Swift (like E1100T)
- Samsung: updated list of supported models

2009-04-19: Content Extractor v1.74 released
- SonyEricsson: fixed bug in displaying numbers in international format
- Samsung: updated list of supported models